Demo: Leveraging Console Connect For Speed and Automation

Sponsored by Console Connect

Discover how other organizations around the world are already using Console Connect to manage their network and cloud connectivity to drive efficiencies. Understand how to achieve maximum agility and scalability with your cloud-based instances in the US and Europe, and how to manage your network redundancy with interconnections to improve disaster recovery. Learn more about our simple network automation tools that allow you to manage high periods of traffic and other networking needs.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to build relationships and expand your network
  • How to order new ports
  • How to make instant connections to clouds, partners and global locations
  • How to manage and monitor those connections in real-time

Who should watch:

About Console Connect

Console Connect is an easy-to-use platform for software-defined interconnection of network services, giving you a one-touch portal for seamless global connectivity between data centres, business partners, distributed IT infrastructure and the world’s major public clouds. Console Connect services anywhere across one of the world’s highest-performing networks and manage and monitor them in real-time. Spin-up high-speed connections between data centers, business-critical apps, and partners in seconds and flex on-demand.Console Connect is vendor, cloud and carrier-neutral, with a growing, interconnected network of over 500+ data centres in 50+ countries. Sign up free at:


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